We would like to remind all of you that Stepping Stones depends a great deal on raising funds to ensure that we can provide the relevant educators, teaching aids, materials and equipment to ensure that your child receives quality independent education at affordable rates.

This means that we also depend on parental involvement in these events. We have a vast array of skills within our parent body to ensure that we are successful in the execution of each fundraiser.

The fundraisers are a wonderful way for you to meet other parents and get to know more about the place your child spends a great deal of time in. Although we get the whole school involved with different aspects of each fundraiser, as many of you know, we decided to allocate different classes to different fundraisers.

You will be informed of these in due course. Children learn from willingness to get involved in community projects and this will be an ongoing aspect of your lives as your lives as you move through the schooling system.

Please get involved!

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Grade R

Teacher: Susan Davies  

Grade 1

Teacher: Carina Joubert

Grade 6

Teacher: Liz Kent      

Grade R

Assistant: Monica Simama  


Assistant: Merline Jacobs    

Grade 5

Teacher: Nadine de Meillon  


Financial Officer: Soritha Labuschagne

Grade 7

Teacher: Yolandi Loots


Volunteer: Josie Wishart  


Sport Co-ordinator: Helene Reyneke

Pre-Grade R

Assistant: Meghan Spies

In the Office

School Administrator: Susie Slabbert

Grade 2

Teacher: Irene de Kock

Grade 1

Assistant: Denise River

Our Principal

Carrene Sands

Grade 7

Teacher: Dania Vieyra

Grade 3

Teacher: Janine Booysen


Sport Coach: De Wilton Lombard


Cleaner: Thozama Caka


Teacher: Debbie MacDonald    

Pre-Grade R

Teacher: Amy Marks

Notice Board

Riverwood Golf Day 2019


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sport ramps